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How to discern between intuition and other thoughts/feelings


We have found that when we are receiving an intuition, it is our first thought when we are trying to get an answer on something. That this thought, or feeling is not based on logic. That when we are receiving an intuition, we tend to touch our heart /chest  area, vs. touching our head/forehead  area if we are receiving a logic thought.We also  tend to look up and to the left when receiving an intuition.

our services and price list


Our mission is to help bring clarity and insight to people regarding their own lives, the lives of others or animal companions. We offer our combined intuitive abilities, including dowsing, psychic awareness and animal communication in blocks of fifteen minute consultations. Our fee for that time block is $50. For lost animals, we offer two follow up sessions free of charge. There is no guarantee on our being able to get the animal companion safely home, but we will certainly do our very best.

During each fifteen minute time block, we will answer up to five questions via email. Please state the questions in a yes/no format. We will elaborate as able in our responses.

Please note that our services are designed for entertainment purposes only.