Our intuitive counceling sessions are done by email or text. This is a very safe way to seek guidance for personal problems or dilemnas you may seeking answers to. We are able to connect with your spirit guides. There may be some information that they want you to become aware of to help lead you down  the path to your most beautiful life . We need clear, concise questions that would allow for  yes/no answers. Please, be prepared with a maximum of 5 questions per 15 minutes, for a fee of $50.

Our psychic abilities are not limited to human relationships. We provide animal communication. We can connect with pets, living or deceased. Connecting with a sick animal or pet that has gone to spirit can provide great comfort to a grieving or distraught guardian. We can be of assistance in the painful process of having to determine the right time for a beloved pet’s  peaceful passing.

We have helped many missing animal companions to find their way home via our animal communication services. For lost animals, we do not charge for up to two follow up sessions. We do not guarantee any animal’s safe return home, but do our very best to accomplish this.

Please note that all of our services are for entertainment purposes only.


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